Imhla: Zappa

New England IPA

The long time without a new Imhla has come to an end, and we are finally releasing our New England IPA with one of America’s most interesting wild hop variety – Zappa. An indigenous representative of the subspecies Humulus lupulus var. neomexicanus, discovered almost by accident in the highlands of New Mexico, literally gave life to such varieties as Sabro and Talus, thus starting a second craft revolution, more local, but no less interesting. These hops bring bright flavors of passionfruit, kiwi, fresh mint, subtle hints of roasted nuts and oriental spices to our velvety, hazy and juicy IPA. We hope you enjoy the taste of this amazing IPA.

Beer Specs

StyleNew England IPA
Series Imhla
Release date 24.02.2023
ABV 6,0%
Traits Single hop, Double dry hop, Hazy
Tare Draft
Flavor hoppy, juicy


Hops Zappa
Malts Pilsen, Flaked Oats, Wheat, Flaked Wheat


Serving temperature 6-8°
Serving glass Teku

Flavor Profiles

Crisp / Clean
Hoppy / Bitter
Malty / Sweet
Dark / Roasty
Fruit / Spice
Sour / Funky

Untappd Statistics

Rating 4,20
Total checkins171
Latest checkin 02.08.2023
Updated at 06.06.2024

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