Belarusian Saison

The history of this beer began a couple years ago when, still homebrewing, we began to experiment with baker’s yeast. What we found out is, under certain conditions, they can give the beer a very interesting taste, which reminded of several Belgian strains. After a while we decided to brew a beer exclusively from Belarusian ingredients, and its premiere took place on festive days of March 2018.

We liked the idea and the result so much that we included this beer in our range, keeping the original name. It has clean profile with clear smell and taste of Belarusian hops with hints of flowers and herbs.

Beer Specs

Series Poklič
First release date 17.05.2019
Traits Dry hop
Tare Draft
Flavor hoppy, belgian


Hops Perle, Clone 18
Malts Vienna, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Rye


Serving temperature 8-12°
Serving glass Tulip
Food pairing poultry, seafood, soft cheese

Flavor Profiles

Crisp / Clean
Hoppy / Bitter
Malty / Sweet
Dark / Roasty
Fruit / Spice
Sour / Funky

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