Kava: Rwanda Gesheke

Imperial Stout with Rwanda Gesheke Arabica

A new one in our series of coffee-infused imperial stouts is brewed with 100% African arabica Rwanda Gesheke, gently prepared for us by our friends at Kitchen Coffee Roasters. This coffee is made from the Red Bourbon series, growing at the 2000-meter altitude in the Nyamasheke region, Rwanda, and is characterised by a super fruity taste, smells of black currant, blueberries, some chocolate and sweet violet flowers. The beer itself is creamy, fluffy, without any bitterness of acidity, bursting with wine and porto aromas. Oh, it’s just impossible to describe this beauty, it is made to be sipped slowly, glass by glass.

Beer Specs

Series Kava
Release date 18.05.2021
ABV 6,8%
Tare Draft
Flavor coffee, roasted


Malts Vienna, Biscuit, Chocolate, Cara Clair
Other Ingredients coffee


Serving temperature 14-16°
Serving glass Snifter

Flavor Profiles

Crisp / Clean
Hoppy / Bitter
Malty / Sweet
Dark / Roasty
Fruit / Spice
Sour / Funky

Untappd Statistics

Rating 4,29
Total checkins334
Latest checkin 18.05.2024
Updated at 06.06.2024

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