Navaĺnica: Cognac BA

French Oak Cognac Barrel Aged Barleywine

A lengthly and highly anticipated collab with the guys from Jungle Brewery. Almost two years ago, we brewed together a classic, thick barleywine of beautiful copper-to-cherry color with loads of specialty malts used for mashing. They brought the softness and special taste of creamy caramel and chocolate chip cookies to this heavy and warming beer. But we did not stop there, and sent this wonderful and insidious drink to rest in a real Frehch oak cognac barrel, where it spent more than a year, rounded and absorbed rich aromas of dark dried fruits, candies with cognac, caramelized nuts and light oak notes. We are sure that there are no borders for a good drink in terms of season, distance and time. It is just the result that matters.

Beer Specs

Series Navaĺnica
Release date 10.08.2023
ABV 6,8%
Traits Limited edition, Barrel-aged
Tare Draft, Bottles
Flavor barrel, malty, chocolate


Malts Pilsen, Abbey, Cara Blond, Melanoidin, Munich, Vienna, Honey


Serving temperature 8-12°
Serving glass Tulip

Flavor Profiles

Crisp / Clean
Hoppy / Bitter
Malty / Sweet
Dark / Roasty
Fruit / Spice
Sour / Funky

Untappd Statistics

Rating 4,34
Total checkins111
Latest checkin 10.09.2023
Updated at 26.09.2023

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