Pavaloka: HBC 472

Triple New England IPA

You are not tired of all those hyped up neomexicanus beers, are you? Good! Neither are we. Here comes the new one, this time a triple New England IPA hopped exclusively with HBC 472. And the smell, oh, that smell! Crunchy coconut, tropical cocktail of grapefruit and mango, with hints of woody vanilla. Delicious, silky foam, fluffy texture and just perfect to pair with your favourite book (or crush it in a loudy bar, who cares!).

Beer Specs

StyleNew England IPA
Series Pavaloka
Release date 05.12.2020
ABV 6,8%
Traits Single hop, Double dry hop, Hazy
Tare Draft
Flavor hoppy, fruity


Hops HBC 472
Malts Pilsen, Flaked Oats


Serving temperature 8-12°
Serving glass Snifter

Flavor Profiles

Crisp / Clean
Hoppy / Bitter
Malty / Sweet
Dark / Roasty
Fruit / Spice
Sour / Funky

Untappd Statistics

Rating 4,24
Total checkins423
Latest checkin 18.11.2022
Updated at 26.11.2022

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