Malanka Taproom

In the summer of 2021, Malanka Taproom opened its doors – a distinctive bar featuring our own beer. Here, you’ll find 12 taps serving our latest and greatest brews, alongside some fantastic selections from other breweries. And guess what? We can even pour our beer into a can for you – a first for Belarus! Our fridge is stocked with a wide array of imported craft beers. Feeling peckish? Try one of our hot paninis or other snacks.

You can find the taproom in Minsk, located at vul. Lieninhradskaja 3, near the Plošča Lienina metro station. Check out our current beer lineup on Your.Beer or Untappd. For inquiries, call +375 29 163-23-54.

УНП: 193455714
Юр. адрас: г. Мінск, вул. Ленінградская, д. 3, пам. 19А

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